Monday, June 11, 2007

IIST - Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Bangalore

JEE merit list candidates have now one more option IIST. IIST called for applications from June 11, 2007 from extended merit list candidates as well as merit list canidates to select its students.


nagi said...

it was ridiculous;primarily the students who got into jee are once again given chance but the students who got into extended merit list were left away not even given a single seat in iist and iiser....... they were left in alot of confusion whether they will get into any of the indian institute or not that too they were shown with lot of hope by keeping them in extended merit list.some students have not attended any counselling thinking that they will get into iist or was agreat bizzare to student community

KVSSNrao said...

It is really unfortunate if none of the persons in extended merit list got a seat anywhere. Why was it so? Are the seats less? Or they were not given deliberately.