Thursday, June 26, 2008

IIT JEE Physics Notes

I started my serious relearning effort in May 2007. The first post that I made in this blog was on 16th May 2007. I started the post with a prayer to Ganesha, and the project has progressed till now.

Now I can feel happy that I studied the JEE syllabus more or less fully and I am in a position to explain the various lessons to my child if she needs my help apart from her lectures at the Junior college and further lectures at IIT coaching class.
I started posting some points in the blogs to confirm to myself that I really studied various chapters. Fortunately, these notes are found to be useful by many others, judging by the visits to the blogs.

I presently started model problems blogs for each subject so that I go through some problems in each subject. While these blogs may not be comprehensive at this point of time, because I am not writing them with that objective, substantial amount of material is put into these blogs. I can definitely improve them to provide a more comprehensive material may be after July 2009.

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