Thursday, April 24, 2008

Concept review Ch. 17 Light waves

Nature of light waves

Huygen's principle

Young's double hole experiment

Young's double slit experiment

Alternate bright and dark rings observed.

Fringe width = w = Dλ/d

D = distance betwee slits and the screen
λ = wave length of light wave
d = distance between slits.

visit for past JEE objective questions on Young's double slit experiment.
(This is an important topic on which many questions were asked.)

Optical path


Fresnel's biprism

Coherent light source
There will be a constant phase difference between the two light waves in young's double experiment

Incoherent light source
the phase differene will be random - No interference will be there

Diffraction of light

Fraunhoffer diffraction by a single slit

Fresnel diffraction

Limit of resolution

Scattering of light

Polarization of light


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