Sunday, February 7, 2010

IIT JEE 2009 Physics Paper II Question Paper Topics

1. Photoelectric effect I-V graph

2. Velocity acceleration

3. Frequency of oscillation of a spring

4. Oscillation of a spring

5. Charge moving in an elliptical orbital - Angular movement variables

6. Rolling motion of a sphere. Velocities at various points.

7. Thermal cycle - Processes of the cycle and work during various processes

8. Resonance air column method - Measuring speed of sound in air

9. Force induced in a solenoid

10. What happens in these processes of systems?

(p) System : A capacitor, initially uncharged
Process : It is connected to a battery
(q) System : A gas in an adiabatic container fitted with an adiabatic piston
Process : The gas is compressed by pushing the piston
(r) System : A gas in a rigid container
Process : The gas gets cooled due to colder atmosphere surrounding it
(s) System : A heavy nucleus, initially at rest
Process : The nucleus fissions into two fragments of nearly equal masses and some neutrons are emitted
(t) System : A resistive wire loop
Process : The loop is placed in a time varying magnetic field perpendicular to its plane

Matching alternatives provided

(A) The energy of the system is increased
(B) Mechanical energy is provided to the system, which is converted into energy of random motion of its parts
(C) Internal energy of the system is converted into its mechanical energy
(D) Mass of the system is decreased

11. Young's Double slit experiment with screen at various places

12. Charge inside a sphere

13. Current through a triangular wireloop and magentic field due to it.

14. Combination of elastic and inelastic collisions

15. Surface tension - soap bubble

16. simple pulley work done

17. Water coming out of an orifice of a sealed vessel kept in water. How much water will go out?

18. Vibrations of a string

19. Conduction of heat through a rod


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