Monday, May 21, 2007

A Mother's advice to others

My son used following Books-

Fundamentals Of Physics -Resnick and Halliday (Reference Book).
Concepts of Physics - HC Verma

Problems in Physics -
I E Irodov (Must solve problems)

Co-ordinate geometry, Plane trigonometry,Vectors- S L Loney (These were Olympiad Books),
IIT-JEE-Maths- Tata Mc-grow-Hill
IIT mathematics -M.L.Khanna ( After finishing Tata my son referred this)

IIT Chemistry -OP Agarwal (My son finished this book by Nov.of XIIth)
Organic Chemistry-Morrison and Boyd (Reference Book after studying OP)

Remarks by Narayana Rao

I recommend  HC Verma for Physics, Books by RD Sharma for Mathematics and Books by Jauhar for Chemistry. My blogs are built on the materials from these books supplemented by information from other sources.

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