Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Study guide H C Verma JEE Physics Ch. 36 PERMANENT MAGNETS

Topics in JEE syllabus

Moving coil galvanometer 36.9,

Sections in H C Verma's Book

1. Magentic poles and bar magnets
2. Torque in bar magnet placed in a magnetic field
3. Magnetic field due to a bar magnet
4. Magentic scalar potential
5. Terrestrial Magnetism
6. Determination of dip at a place
7. Neutral point
8. Tangent galvanometer
9. Moving coil galvanometer
10. Shunt
11. Tangent law of perpendicular fields
12. Deflection magnetometer
13. Oscillation magnetometer
14. Determination of M and BH
15 Gauss's law for magnetism

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