Friday, November 7, 2008

29. Electric Field and Potential - Revision Facilitator

Recollect some points for each topic.
If you want to read about the topic, right click on the link to open it in a new window, read it, close it and come back here(If a link is there).

29.1 What is electric charge?
29.2 Coulomb's law
29.3 electric field
29.4 Lines of electric force
29.5 Electric potential energy
29.6 Electric potential
29.7 Electric potential due to a point charge
29.8 Relation between electric field and potential
29.9 Electric dipole
29.10 Torque on an electric dipole placed in an lectric field
29.11 Potential energy of a diple placed in a uniform electric field
29.12 Conductors, insulators nad semiconductors
29.13 The electric field inside a conductor

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