Monday, November 10, 2008

Hydrogen Spectra

When heated some atoms in the hydrogen become excited and when electrons jump from higher energy levels to lower energy levels in those excited atoms, photons with specific wavelengths are emitted or radiated.

If an electron jumps from mth orbit to nth orbit (m>n), the energy of the atom gets reduced from Em to En. The wavelength of the emitted radiation will be

1/ λ = (Em – En)/hc = RZ²{1/n² - 1/m²]

where R is the Rydberg constant.
R = 1.0973*10^7 m-

In terms of the Rydberg constant total energy of the atom in the nth state is E = -RhcZ²/n²

For hydrogen atom, when n =1, E = -Rhc and we know its value is -13.6 eV.
Energy of 1 rydberg means -13.6 eV.
Rhc = 13.6eV

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